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2nd and 3rd Grade Clinic Info

2nd and 3rd grade clinics will be supervised by several coaches at different drill stations.  We will emphasize basic skills.  Children should wear sneakers, shorts, and t-shirts.  As always we recommend carrying in sneakers to keep the floor clean and dry.  Bringing water bottles is also a good idea, with name on it.

Contact John Lorence at [email protected] with questions.

Below is a suggested time allocation for the coaches.  Normally 4 stations, but can be adjusted based on number of players.

Liverpool Optimist Basketball League:  Boys/Girls Grades 2-3 Practice

Each group practice is 1 hour 30 minutes


Group warm up- set up in 4 equal number lines - 15 minutes

  • stretch legs, backs, shoulders
  • jumping jacks
  • run to base line and back
  • each line to a station

Stations: (order of stations different for each line of players)

Station 1:  2 line layup drill - keep simple, teach orderly progression (2-4 coaches) - 15 minutes

  • use 1 ball; work on layup using backboard, and rebound/dribble/pass to next player

Station 2:
  Passing - 2 lines across from each other, ball for each set of 2 players (2 coaches) - 15 minutes

  • bounce pass with 2 hands to other player, waist high
  • chest pass with 2 hands to other player's chest
  • step towards player passing to; step out and reach for pass received

5 minutes

Station 3:
  Dribbling - 3 lines, 3 balls - 3 coaches (assist each line) - 15 minutes

  • 1 player from each line dribble to halfcourt and back trying both hands 2nd time thru
  • after a few times, coach, or player assisted by coach, play no hands defense

Station 4:
  Shooting - 3 lines- foul shot line, 2 wings; start only about 5-10 ft (2-4 coaches) - 15 minutes

  • coaches rebound, bounce pass to alternate lines for player to shoot
  • teach players 1 hand under ball and use elbow to push, 1 hand side of ball to guide

Wrap up:
  Middle of Court 4 lines - wrap, thanks, another clinic next sat. 25th - 5 minutes

Total Practice time - 85 minutes

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